golden globes yall

so tina and amy (we’re on a first name basis) came up with a drinking game for their own awards show. unfortunately i have neither alcohol nor meatball subs on hand, so i’ll substitute with pushups or something. LOL jk i cant do as many pushups as there will be ‘unprepared’ acceptance speeches… i’ll think of something, don’t worry.

Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 6.01.22 PM


should have worn contacts to this super classy event, yeesh. sorry for ruining the pic, tina.


the best of 2012

IMG_0415 IMG_0421 IMG_0517IMG_0545 IMG_0585 IMG_0610 IMG_0636 IMG_0642 IMG_0771 IMG_0786 IMG_0797 IMG_0815 IMG_0839 IMG_0853 IMG_0878 IMG_0899 IMG_0909 IMG_0946 IMG_1018 IMG_1058 IMG_1074 IMG_1102 IMG_1115 IMG_1126 IMG_1136 IMG_1146 IMG_1157 IMG_1165




these are all probably formatted in a very strange fashion, and for that i apologize. but i don’t know how to fix it…




2012 was a pretty good year for me. i began the year with my grandparents in malaysia and ended it with my grandpa and aunt in california. i traveled to istanbul, learned a lot of chinese over the summer, and finished my penultimate semester at wellesley. i have so many great memories with my family and friends that i am thankful for.

i will never have another year like 2012. my grandfather in malaysia passed away last night, and so i will never get another moment with him. but i am grateful for the 20 years that i had with him. he taught me an awful lot, from long division to investments. i wouldn’t be the same person without him.

2013 is going to be a year of enormous change – literally. i’ll have to leave wellesley and most of my friends to find a place for myself. and also a job. it’s going to totally suck; i am definitely not ready to leave. but there’s never really a good time for these things to happen so we just take them one at a time.

here’s to excitement and happiness – i look forward to what the new year will bring. xoxo

the barefoot christiannessa – celebration cake

we decided to have an early new year’s since my parents and brother will be on a plane for new year’s eve/day. and with new year’s comes cake duh. i followed this recipe for a vanilla bean layer cake (which was coincidentally made for new year’s last year), and i added an ombre effect by adding food coloring to make the layers different shades of pink. then i finished it off with some yellow colored sugar for some happiness. yay!                  let’s take a look at how freaking ridiculous much fun it was to make…

first we have to make the batter. not too bad at all, and i got to split open and scrape a vanilla bean for the first time. it was weird. i should say – it will make your life significantly more happy if you read the recipe ahead of time and note that you need to separate 14 eggs and that your butter needs to be at room temperature. so then you can do those things the night before, or at least a few hours ahead of time.

photo 1

i started dividing the batter between the three pans before realizing that im an idiot and i didnt grease the pans or anything. so then i had to dump the batter out, clean it and do the buttering and parchment paper and flour. ugh annoying. ok whatever that’s done, and i mixed the red food coloring into each pan. careful that you dont rip the parchment paper with vigorous stirring…

the recipe says 30-35 minutes, but use the knife in the center thing just to make sure your oven isnt a wacko.

now for the part that will make you want to shoot yourself in the face. the buttercream. this would be a piece of cake (pun intended) if one owned a standing mixer.

photo 3but this person (that would be me) does not own a standing mixer, and so it was pretty labor intensive. you have been warned. basically you just have to stand over the bowl and will things to be fluffy. first with the meringue component and then with the final buttercream product. this part probably took me the better part of an hour, but it was totally worth it.

now for the layering and crumb coat (crumb coat = base coat). i put about 3/4 c of buttercream between each layer and then iced around the sides. then it goes into the fridge for about an hour. or maybe however long it takes you to eat 1

photo 4

as you can see in the picture to the right, this cake looked totally demented. that’s because i had two 9in cake pans and one 8in pan. the middle layer is the smallest one. thus this ridiculous shape. when i took it out of the fridge i decided that i really need to just trim the top and bottom layers to also be 8in rounds. then i redid the crumb coat, and went on to the final icing after deciding that the cake was chilled enough to hold it. i used a regular spatula to but the buttercream on, and a butter knife to spread it around ‘nicely’. i didnt try to get to fancy with the icing. im no ina garten.

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4IMG_2759


by the end of this whole process i was ready to stab some one cake.


HAPPY (premature) NEW YEAR!!!!!

the barefoot christiannessa – holidaze

i made both of these recipes for cookies with lime in them, and they were both super successful. the first one with the white chocolate chips is definitely sweeter, but the one with the toasted coconut was really good also. if you have limes to get rid of.. well, this is not the most efficient method. i used about 5x more butter and flour than i did limes. shucks.

photo 1


these are the ones with the white chocolate chips. we ate the coconut cookies too fast for a picture. or maybe i forgot to take one…





and i also made some chicken with a dijon mustard ‘cream’ sauce. here’s the recipe i came up 2

i started with 2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (take them out of the fridge a bit beforehand) and cut them lengthwise so they’re not impossibly thick. salt and pepper both sides and then brown both sides in your frying pan that has whatever kind of oil you like to use to brown things. i used grapeseed oil because that’s what we had on hand. put the cover on the pan for a while so that the chicken cooks through all the way. seriously there is nothing worse than uncooked chicken. you will barf a lot. ok now take the chicken out and put it on a plate. add some vegetable broth (or chicken, if you have it) to deglaze the pan. ‘deglaze’ is a fancy term for ‘getting all the chicken bits off the bottom of the pan’. i really didn’t measure the broth, just cover the bottom of the pan. then add a tablespoon of butter and melt that around. next, throw about 2 tablespoons of dijon mustard in. please don’t use French’s mustard – it will be gross. then add some milk, again just to cover the bottom of the pan. and yay sauce! now you can put the chicken back it and warm it up in the sauce. you could put some chives on there too if you want.

stay tuned for tomorrow – i am going to be making a ridiculous (3 layer! pink ombre!) new year’s cake. i am really amped about it. might go buy some sparklers to put on the top. whaaaat

farm days

im here in California! the weather is terrible – rainy and cold and ew – but super fun so far.
yesterday i went to pick out my first live christmas tree and decorated it



there’s also this little one outside on the deck but i decided that it wasn’t quite up to par.


and here’s the dinner that mom and I made tonight


my grandpa’s house is on 30 acres of land in northern california, and on a portion of that land he grows organic blueberries. during the summer people come from all over to pick them (which is what those buckets are for), plus he takes them to the farmer’s market and several local restaurants and coops. the bald head in the bottom right corner of the photo is popi.



im compiling my Best of 2012 collection, and im having an awesome time looking through all my pictures – such good memories. happy holidays!

oh hey

just realized that it has been two months (literally) since the last time i wrote a blog post. this is incredibly embarrassing, i am hanging my head in shame. you can’t see me (i’ve covered up my webcam with a sticky note to be certain), but i promise that i am ashamed.

anyway, now that i have acknowledged that but not really apologized for it, i will tell you about what i have been up to since returning to wellesley IN PHOTODIARY FORM.

1. i moved into my room approximately 3 weeks ago. edith, my flag, is on the wall (duh)

majestic, is she not?


2. i adopted avery (also known as aves) from pet world. he has a significantly more awesome house now than he did before – complete with plants and water heater. we talk sometimes, about our families living in southeast asia and the like. he is quite intelligent and was swimming over to investigate the camera when i took this photo.


3. the pub (where i work) opened! this year i am a general manager along with the brilliant and wonderful palig, and we have been working really hard to improve the space and make it a place where everyone loves to be. we have beer and smiles.


4. jane turned 22!  to scare the crap out of her to celebrate the occasion, i dragged myself out of bed at 6am and constructed this little balloon drop. when she opened her door the next morning (on her way to the shower, incidentally. oops) there was a small avalanche of birthday cheer. one of my better ideas, if i may say so myself. ok yeah, i saw it on pinterest

im also taking 4 of the most awesome courses offered at wellesley, plus my independent research on the appropriation of asian stereotypes in global culture, so i can very confidently tell you that this year is off to a pretty grand start. grand, not great. GRAND.

stay tuned for my ‘surviving the dining halls: a how-to series’. the first two episodes (episodes? sure) are pizza bagels and paninis. YUMMMMM

xoxo, c


for kongkong:


“breakfast at tiffany’s” is my favorite movie, and i love this song. because he likes frank sinatra so much, when i hear this song i think of kongkong.

当然,夏天的时候我自己听没有歌词的,然而还是非常漂亮。 of course, for the summer i myself am listening to the no-lyrics version, but it’s still beautiful.


在明德,除了每天上课、学习我们也有课外活动。我选择烹饪课、打排球。 (at middlebury, besides going to class and studying every day, we also have extracurricular activities. i’ve chosen cooking and volleyball.)

昨天我们开始打排球。我觉得中文学生是不错的运动员-我们很厉害。我给你们看这张照片。。真厉害,对吗? (yesterday we began volleyball. i think Chinese students are quite good athletes- we are very strong. look at this picture. very strong, right?)

打排球很好玩儿,我们一边打球,一边聊天、交朋友。我觉得中文学校队比别的学校队好的多。比赛的时候,没有问题。 (playing volleyball is really fun, we can play, chat, and make new friends. i think the chinese school’s team is better than all the other schools’. come game time, we won’t have a problem.)


今天下午我上烹饪课。。很有意思、好玩儿。我们包饺子!上课以前,我帮助老师准备饺子里面的材料-牛肉,鸡蛋,蔬菜。老师已经做饺子的面团。 (this afternoon i went to cooking class.. very interesting and fun. we made dumplings! before class, i helped the teachers prepare the ingredients for the inside of the dumplings – meat, eggs, and vegetables. teacher had already made the dumpling dough.)


第一步:用一个擀面杖推面团。有一个特别的办法-用一手把面团,用一手推擀面杖。推的时候,慢慢转面团,然后做一个圆。 (step 1: use a rolling pin to push the dough. there is a special method- use one hand to hold the dough, one hand to push. while pushing, slowly turn the tough and finally you will have a circle.)


第二步:把材料在里面的面团。我们有素的-鸡蛋、胡萝卜、葱、由、盐,也有肉的-牛肉、葱、由、盐。然后,捏面团包饺子!我们做很多。 (step 2: put the filling inside the dough. we had a vegetarian one – egg, carrots, scallions, oil, and salt, and a meat one – beef, scallions, oil, and salt. next, pinch the dough to form a dumpling! we made so many.)




第三步:把饺子在开水,差不多五分钟。现在你可以吃!我们也加香醋-太好吃了。 (step 3: put the dumplings into boiling water for about 5 minutes. now you can eat! we also added spiced vinegar – very tasty.)


上个星期五,我们有第一个晚会。我跟别的三年级学生安排。我们的题目是夏威夷,所以我用气球做一棵树。随便的。你也可能看我们买的花环,很漂亮。 (last friday, we had our first party. some other third year students and i planned it. our theme was hawaii, so i used balloons to create a tree. casual. you can also see the leis that we bought, very pretty.)


星期六我们去湖边游泳、打排球、羽毛球、飞盘、什么的。天气非常好。我很喜欢这个旅。 (on saturday we went to the lake to swim, play volleyball, badminton, and frisbee. the weather was great. i really enjoyed the trip.)

好了!这是所有的。再见!(ok! that’s everything. see you later!)





老师(laoshi)的意思是 “teacher”,所以有些老师有这个车子。太可爱了!

I’ve given up on google translate because it’s so horrible, but I promise this is a direct translation (via my brain).

The third year teachers are really great. They call us “little friends”, very funny. At mealtimes, they eat and chat with students – this improves our speaking. A few days ago I saw this (picture). Laoshi means “teacher”, so this car belongs to one of the teachers. Too cute!




我现在在民德(Middlebury)大学的中文学校所以我只有用中文。不过我想继续写博客。所以每天我写中文然后我用google translate因为我知道你们不会中文。有的时候google translate 很糟糕,不过这是最容易的办法。。对不起。



Hello, everyone!

Chinese School (Middlebury) University so I was only in Chinese. However, I would like to continue to write the blog. So every day I write in Chinese and then I use google translate because I know you will not be Chinese. Sometimes very bad google translate, but this is the easiest way. . I’m sorry.

Today is the first day of class. Every day I have two classes, two small classes, one-to-one activities and Q & A time. I chose my activities: cooking and calligraphy. Beyond the summer, I will make Chinese food! Yesterday I went to a small town to buy badminton things, I am very excited to play. The Mingde the campus is very beautiful, everywhere green. The weather is not very good – a bit cold in the rain – but the weather is much better than the weather in Florida. I like my dorm room because of the large, with air conditioning.

Have quiz tomorrow, so I should be prepared. . . Goodbye!