oh hey

just realized that it has been two months (literally) since the last time i wrote a blog post. this is incredibly embarrassing, i am hanging my head in shame. you can’t see me (i’ve covered up my webcam with a sticky note to be certain), but i promise that i am ashamed.

anyway, now that i have acknowledged that but not really apologized for it, i will tell you about what i have been up to since returning to wellesley IN PHOTODIARY FORM.

1. i moved into my room approximately 3 weeks ago. edith, my flag, is on the wall (duh)

majestic, is she not?


2. i adopted avery (also known as aves) from pet world. he has a significantly more awesome house now than he did before – complete with plants and water heater. we talk sometimes, about our families living in southeast asia and the like. he is quite intelligent and was swimming over to investigate the camera when i took this photo.


3. the pub (where i work) opened! this year i am a general manager along with the brilliant and wonderful palig, and we have been working really hard to improve the space and make it a place where everyone loves to be. we have beer and smiles.


4. jane turned 22!  to scare the crap out of her to celebrate the occasion, i dragged myself out of bed at 6am and constructed this little balloon drop. when she opened her door the next morning (on her way to the shower, incidentally. oops) there was a small avalanche of birthday cheer. one of my better ideas, if i may say so myself. ok yeah, i saw it on pinterest

im also taking 4 of the most awesome courses offered at wellesley, plus my independent research on the appropriation of asian stereotypes in global culture, so i can very confidently tell you that this year is off to a pretty grand start. grand, not great. GRAND.

stay tuned for my ‘surviving the dining halls: a how-to series’. the first two episodes (episodes? sure) are pizza bagels and paninis. YUMMMMM

xoxo, c


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