my new favorite 10min meal

this is more of a breakfast item, but i would argue that you can have eggs at any time of day. good protein and good cholesterol, ya know. plus i have a gallon of spinach in the fridge that I need to eat before I go to VT on friday.

1 Tbsp olive oil
1 tsp minced garlic (use the pre-minced kind that comes in a bottle. we’re lazy and this is only supposed to take 10min)
solid handful of fresh spinach

sauté those things together in a lil pan. meanwhile beat these things together in a lil bowl:
2 eggs
a bit of milk (like a half second pour)
salt and pepper

once the spinach is all wilty, add the egg mixture. from here you have two options: either leave it to cook and then flip it over for an omelet orrr the better option of stirring to make scrambled eggs. you know which one i would choose.

have a picture!



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