the barefoot christiannessa

ok yeah that title was way more clever/crafty in my brain..

today i am going to teach you how to make coconut kahlua ice cream! lucky you.

1. put 2 c of milk into a large bowl (it will be super useful if this bowl has a built in spout).

not sure why these pictures are so small. blame it on my phone..

2. add a can of coconut milk (400-500ml), some vanilla extract, and 1 c of sugar.

3. stir stir stir. and make sure you throw away the can before you cut yourself with it.

super intense mixing here

4. pour this stuff into your donvier (this is where the spout-y bowl comes in handy). if you don’t have a donvier, i feel bad for you son. i got 99 problems but i have a donvier. seriously go get one. they’re like $20 or something. so i just looked it up on google and they’re actually more like $60. yikes. this is why ebay exists (found one for $28). mine is one of my parents’ wedding presents so i got inherited? use it FO FREE. ok anyway..

the little machine that could

5. then you just stir every 3 minutes or so until it gets awesome and ice creamy. but wait!

5a. halfway through this process, add in 4T of kahlua. and by 4T i really mean hold the bottle over the donvier and pour for 4 mississippi seconds. perfecto!

a true american chef.

6. once it’s all frozen and delicious, treat yo self. aka put some shredded coconut and chocolate sauce on it and then try not to get a brain freeze by inhaling it too quickly.


bon appétit YALL. (sorry i just had to get some paula up in here)


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