sweet summertime

hey remember when i promised to update this more often? sorry i failed you. but anyway.

being home is super fantastic, even though i’d totally forgotten how humid it can be and how strong the sun is. i went to the pool for half an hour on wednesday and i’m set on vitamin d for this week..

maxin and relaxin has been awesome, but i’m sad that i missed senior week and commencement this morning. i cannot wrap my head around that fact that as of 1:30pm today, i am a senior at wellesley college. what happened? it just doesn’t seem right. i’m not old enough for this yet. regardless, i plan to make the most out of this year by taking great classes, surrounding myself with amazing friends and experiencing as much of wellelsey/boston as possible.

next month i’ll be heading up to middlebury college to be a prisoner¬†participant in their 8wk intensive chinese language program. i’m sure there will be some hilarious goings on there, but i’m going to have to write my blog posts in chinese and then translate them for you- otherwise i would be cheating my language pledge. it’ll be good practice for me, and amusing for you.

in the mean time, eat some watermelon and light some sparklers – it’s summertime yall! (this message brought to you by me watching too much paula deen on the food network)


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