ok harry potter nerds, you have all probably heard about pottermore already, but if not let me enlighten you.

pottermore.com is jk rowling’s new(ish) website for all things harry potter. you create an account (mine is frogsparks19772, friend me!) and you get to travel through the books and movies – getting sorted into a house, buying cool stuff on diagon alley, what have you.

unfortunately, i did not read the directions or whatever fine print may have been presented to me at the beginning of my magical journey, so i have NO IDEA HOW TO DO ANYTHING. my little frogsparks character managed to make it to hogwarts, but i am failing spectacularly at everything. can’t figure out how to make a potion quickly enough (seriously though, since when is there a time limit on mixing stuff? that seems unfair.), have no idea how to duel other wizards.. i’m beginning to think that i am not magical at all. sad face.

how do all of these undoubtedly preteen users figure out this stuff? i’m not an idiot. i guess i’m just old. whatever i still was sorted into gryffindor so YEEEEEAAAHHHH.


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