some photos

I’m feeling too lazy to write an actual post, so instead I will just caption some pics for you.

we took the ferry to kadikoy (shout out to ekin!) which is the Asian part of turkey. and while we were there I took some pictures of this cool graffiti:



and now some pictures of my dinner.

this is ayran, my new best friend. it’s basically drinkable yogurt, except salty instead of sweet. I really want to bring this back to Malaysia and anywhere else they have really spicy food. and then my tongue would not be dying a fiery death every two seconds.

pide, so delicious. it’s kind of like pizza, and the sausage that was on mine was super similar to pepperoni. the bread is a million times better than American pizza crust though.

my view while sitting in the quad at bogazici (pronounced bo-AH-zuh-chee) university. one of the dudes in this picture apparently thought I was a creepy stalker for snapping this photo and he continued to look at me with a very alarmed facial expression for a good five minutes.

and lastly here is a picture of my borek with moks’ borek in the background. mine had spinach and hers was cheese (mine was better obviously). kind of like spanikopita (is that how you spell that?), but without the feta. so yummy.

tomorrow we’re going to the grand bazaar!! lots of pictures for sure.


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