the bare necessities

yesterday, after eating this delicious kebap.. (this is an interjection) did you know that if you eat parsley it gets rid of onion breath? brilliant.

20120320-183233.jpg we went to the hagia sophia, blue mosque and basilica cistern. basically the things that you have to do while in Istanbul lest everyone back home call you a loser.

first stop, hagia sophia. either moks and I are totally blind and cannot find the entrance or it is closed for the season (probably the latter), but either way we didn’t get to go inside.

side note: after wearing these pants yesterday I have seen an awful lot of people with red pants. something is suspicious..

next, while waiting for the blue mosque to reopen after prayer time, we went to the basilica cistern. this is basically the coolest place I have seen in my life. if they make another tomb raider movie, there has to be some sort of scene here.

as the name implies, it is a basilica but also a cistern. that’s why there’s water all over the place. and fish! they put those lights in there for good measure aka to make sure the crazy tourists didn’t kill themselves while walking through with their cameras up their noses.
there are also two large medusa heads at the bottom of two of the pillars. one is upside down and the other is on its side. here’s a picture of me hangin out with my girl medusa:

she’s a riot.

and lastly, we visited the blue mosque.


this is the place where men can pray:

and this is where women can pray:

don’t have to be a wellesley student to see the problem here. but I digress.

once we left the blue mosque, there was a man outside selling gozleme! so we ate some. gozleme is sort of like a crepe, sort of like pita. it’s hard to describe. but basically it’s fried bread with cheese or potato on the inside. can’t go wrong there.


and then for dinner, moks’ friend sara made sloppy joes! altogether a great day.


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