warning: delicious food pics ahead.

today after waking up at like 3pm, moks and I walked to ortakoy to get some kumpir. we walked through bebek, which is the waterfront (this water being the Bosporus) where all the rich people live. here is a picture of the lovely view:


once in ortakoy, we had to battle through crowds of everyone and their mother to find a place to get our kumpir. now is the time when I should probably tell you that kumpir is basically a baked potato but a thousand times better. here is a step by step process of how to (have someone else) make some delish kumpir.

step one: find a place to eat and take a close up picture of their sign


step two: get some humongous potatoes and throw them in an equally large oven. don’t worry, you don’t need to use gloves because you are an awesome Turkish dude who is apparently impervious to pain.


step three: remove potato from oven and cut it open. then add butter and cheese.

step four: have American girl point mutely at the different toppings she wants. there are many to choose from (including our first Turkish word -zeytin!).


and now you can find a place to sit and stuff your face!




2 thoughts on “kumpir

    • hi auntie cynthia! glad you found my blog:) I’m indeed in Istanbul- one of my friends is studying at bogazici university for the year and I came to visit for spring break. great to hear from you!

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