the c list

since i started this blog i’ve been really sporadic about posting stuff and i am hoping to change that. i can definitely say that i won’t be writing every day, but i think aiming for at least once per week is a solid goal.

so because it is merely monday and nothing particularly exciting has happened to me as of late, i have decided to share the list of other blogs that i read regularly. see i was trying to be clever with the title because my name starts with the letter ‘c’.. never mind. they go in this order. always in this order.

1. cupcakes and cashmere – lifestyle (one that i could never afford) and fashion blog written by emily schuman. she’s coming out with a book super soon. preorder on amazon!

2. DOUBLE DARK – seemingly random collection of thoughts/cool stuff curated by twins vanessa and leah hayes. they also have a band, but i think their music is weird.

3. the glossarie. – i’m still a little iffy on this one. the product reviews are honest, but i find something about this blog really irritating. i think it’s some combination of the hideous theme – honestly wordpress has a thousand better options – and her (lara ramos) writing style. we’ll see how long it stays on the list.

4. kendi everyday – outfit posts and weekly giveaways by kendi (i assume her last name is not everyday, i just don’t know what it is). always usually stylish, always honest, and pretty funny about 75% of the time. she also authored a great how-to 30 for 30 remix which outlines how you can wear 30 items of clothing for 30 days, simply by mixing and matching. and she is about to open an online store called bloom that i am very much looking forward to.

5. the beauty department – brainchild of lauren conrad (celeb aka $pon$or), kristin ess (hair) and amy nadine (makeup) that has tons of great tips and ideas for all sorts of things. their nail tutorials are easily my favorite.

6. the man repeller – honestly who doesn’t read this? (and you’re thinking ‘um everyone’). ironically enough, leandra medine is actually engaged, so her repelling kinda backfired, but her lessons in layering and general snark are pretty great. another blog that makes me wish i had peyton manning-sized bank accounts (is he still the highest paid NFL player? let’s say yes), but alas. maybe one day.

7. the nylon blog – as in nylon the magazine. i am positive that faran krentcil and i would be friends should we ever meet. great music from lesser known (at least to me) bands, cool trendy things in fashion/beauty, free stuff and occasionally some awesome sales that are otherwise hard to find.

8. college fashion – this is my go to. even when i graduate i will probably continue reading this blog. very budget-friendly, stylish (again, usually) outfit ideas. also my favorite thing about this site is that every thursday or friday they will post a huge list of online retailers that are having sales or promotions for the weekend/next week. also every thursday or friday they post a list of ‘haute links’ which i find are super fun to browse through. things like recaps of red carpet events or diy activities or weird things that paula deen does. love it.

ok. there we go. all done. happy procrastinating!



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