the thanksgiving series: thursday

so I’m pretty much over the whole writing in the third person thing. it’s not as funny as i originally thought. so.. sorry about that.

let us now hear the story of my thanksgiving day:

i spent wednesday night on jannine and nathan’s couch (which i might add is the best couch EVER. it is from ikea and is very wide, so i was not in peril of falling off while sleeping). my mother was scheduled to arrive at the jfk airport at 8:45am and be at the apartment at 9:30 or something. at around 8:30am, the telephone rang. i was quite startled because said telephone was very near my couch. but then i realized that jannine and nathan do not have a house phone.. so what was ringing? nathan then stumbled out into the kitchen/living room and it became clear that someone was trying to buzz into their apartment. nathan attempted to ask the person (via intercom) to identify themselves. but the mystery person just kept hitting the buzzer. then nathan sleepily said to me, ‘christianne, i think your mom is here’.

nathan was, in fact, correct. my mother proceeded to invade the apartment and make coffee and scrambled eggs and disturb my wonderful couch of sleepingtime. it was the worst.

then i dragged myself out of couch and saw this:

this is nathan. he has a beard. apparently that’s what men do during the month of november. he is preparing a turkey. apparently that’a what people do on the day of thanksgiving.

oh, i might add that nathan is vegetarian. and yet he makes the best turkey..

mother and i then left the turkey (and jannine and nathan) to go walk around chelsea. i discovered some extremely awesome stores near a gas station. it was very curious.






then we went to chelsea market and i drank some coffee milk. it was most delicioso. here is a semi-boring picture of said coffee milk:


yum. that label says ‘stonybrook’, in case you’re interested.




then we returned to the apartment and ate a lot of foods that are traditionally eaten on thanksgiving. afterwards, we went back to the hotel (my mother said that it would be too much of a burden for me to stay on the ikea couch). and thennnnn

we visited the location of my future career!








also, you can’t see it, but there is a very large christmas holiday tree at the base of this building. it is so large that they need a humongous glittery star to  top this humongous conifer. let’s have a look at the star!


so beautiful. also check out that glorious symbol of patriotism in the upper left corner.

i’m a professional photographer



and then i went to bed. but in an actual bed, not a couch. 😦


One thought on “the thanksgiving series: thursday

  1. mwahaha, i still get startled at the sight of nate w. a beard! last time i had a “real” TG dinner, ja and nate’s 09! you’re right nate makes the best turkey but since he’s veggie Uncle Ben had to carve it! glad you had a good time at the Big Pear.

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