the thanksgiving series: wednesday

i will now begin a series of posts about my thanksgiving break in new york. there will be lots of pictures, so you will enjoy it. or don’t. also, just a heads up, i am writing this in the third person. i think it’s funny.

let us begin on wednesday. christianne has strep throat. health services is convinced that christianne has mono. but she knows that she does not have mono because 1. she does not kiss people and 2. her spleen is neither enlarged nor painful. so christianne takes her antibiotics to treat her very real strep throat and gets on the bus to south station.

once at south station, christianne realizes that she has a lot of time to kill. so she sits down on a bench and watches people walk around the station. there is a very angry lady running up and down the hallway screaming profanities at the great god of Megabus because he lost her luggage. ‘great’, thinks christianne, ‘i am taking Megabus, and if their stupid god loses my luggage there will be a huge problem’. luckily for christianne, the god did not lose her luggage. but the god of day-before-Thanksgiving traffic made her bus ride about 3 hours longer than it should have been.

christianne finally arrived in the city and managed to navigate the metro from penn station to her cousin jannine’s house. both christianne and jannine were impressed. except immediately after christianne purchased a 7day metro pass, her credit card company suspected that a criminal in new york city was using her card, and put her account on lockdown. that was no good. but christianne called them and fixed the problem.

then christianne and jannine ordered vietnamese food for dinner. (seriously why have i never had banh mi before? SO DELICIOUS). and then jannine’s husband nathan came home and they all chatted for a while. afterwards, nathan and his sous chef christianne made gravy and stuffing and cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes. and then they went to bed because they were super exhausted.


stay tuned for the next episode of the thanksgiving series: thursday!


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