let me tell you a little story about my day. I was attempting to catch the 2pm bus out of wellesley to go meet my parents in the city. well I missed the bus at its first stop on campus, so I turned around to run to try to catch it at the second stop. unfortunately for me, a young man with cuffed pants (I will call him J) stopped me and said “wait, we should just get on that bus”. “No”, I said shaking my head, “that’s the mall shuttle. we need to run to the other stop and catch that first bus.” and again I began running away.

“wait!”, calls J. “where is the other stop?” “just follow me”, I say- at this point I am slightly exasperated. “ok but we cant run there. I have exercise-induced asthma.”


to make a long story short, J and I both missed the 2pm bus. it turns out that J had also missed the 1pm. again, REALLY J? I should mention at this point that J goes to harvard. just throwing that out there.

luckily, the 3rd time was the charm for J. and luckily, I got to sit next to him all the way to park street.

look out, grandkids. I’ll be telling you this one every time you come over for cookies.


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