1. the new b for brian atwood line that is supposed to be ‘affordable’ has pieces that are worth more than my life. not really, but how is a $400 pair of shoes affordable? also i think that they are all kind of ugly, but if you have lots of money to spend on ugly shoes, you can check them out at saks.

2. i have just discovered (via doubledark) crewcuts’ accessories. if you didn’t know, crewcuts is j.crew’s line for small children. but these are small children that wear cute necklaces/hairbands and carry around freakin awesome bags. now of course, these things are tooootally overpriced for what they are, but hey $16.50 for a kiddie necklace vs. $88 for the grown up one.. SCORE.


honestly though, what little girl needs this bag?


answer: ME


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