fashion week

STARTS TOMORROW. now we allll know how fancy i am. i dress to impress. every day.

so i will be posting about all the shows that i think are super cool. aka the models are wearing strange things that i wish i could wear on the daily. be aware, little ones, that these shows are titled for spring 2012, because that’s how fashion forward our society is. ha. ha. anyway..

since the shows don’t start til tomorrow, i found you guys these gorg sketches as little previews for what is to come. all courtesy of so thank them in your spare time.

first we have our sassy friend christian siriano. hatin hard on his haircut (per usual) but loving this skirt.

ok personal fave here: DKNY GOING FOR THE PATRIOTIC. love love love. i guess if you’re french/british/australian/etc you can get in on this too. (not really. ok fine. but no, not really.)

this is herve leger x max azria (that ‘x’ means collaboration). why yes, that is the same max azria who is behind bcbg maxazria. i was kind of hoping that the bandage dress would be going out of style.. even though that seems to be the only thing herve leger does… BUT i love max azria to the moon and back so i will deal. just look at that sketch, will you? pro.fesh.own.naaal. aka professional. where’s spellcheck when you need it..

so. those are my favorite three. check out the original slideshow to see all 34, if you dare.

see ya sooooon



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