tomorrow is the first day of classes here at swellz. i am already feeling rather busy, but i think that’s good.. right? my schedule seems so boring, but i’m actually supes excited:

chinese 301 – advanced chinese i

chinese 208 – writing modern china

psychology 205 – statistics

economics 201 – intermediate micro analysis

economics 203 – econometrics

… can you tell that i’m an econ/chinese major? good job.

thursday is also my first night to work at the pub! everyone should come!

also this is seemingly random, but i am currently listening to this album, and thus i want all of you to go download it (FO FREE). kapslap is a college bro from lehigh uni who just happens to make rockin mashups. check him out @

in the mean time, enjoy my current favorite of his: (the vid is SO weird. sorry..)






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