guess who’s back?

i would say ‘tell a friend’ except every person on campus has probably heard my very capable vocal chords at some point this week. today is the last day of our student leader training. i have to say, THANK GOD. this week has been more exhausting than any week of regular classes. probably because i never seem to go to bed before 2am..

in other news, i have developed carpal tunnel* after writing out 14 personalized notes for all of my firsties. it’s inhumane, i tell you.


i am so tired i can’t even think right now. OH noora is arriving today!!! and she is living right across the hall AND i don’t want to help her move in. but i probably will. my life is really hard.

and now i think i will go take a nap. maybe the next time i write a post i will actually have a functional brain.

toodles! -c


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