catch up time

oh hey there

it’s been a little while since my last post, i’m very sorry if your life was incomplete without my lovely commentary. i don’t know what is up with this font change. i am not exactly sure how to fix this.. wordpress just hates me. *i just discovered that it only looks different to me on the editing page. oops.*

anyway, what has happened since my last post?

1. i have not found any shoes that are conducive to my glitter project. i was SO CLOSE to getting some nice ones on ebay for a mere 13 bucks, but some jerk outbid me at the last second. the last second, i might add, was at 10:30am PACIFIC TIME. WHYYYYY? do they not know that everyone with a life will be at work and therefore not obsessively checking on their bidding wars? apparently the person who stole those shoes from me has no life. this does not make me feel better. well, maybe a little.

2. i found out who my first years are! if you have no clue what i am talking about, let me clarify by telling you that i am going to be a first year mentor (aka orientation leader for freshmen. but ‘freshman’ is not a good term for a first year student at wellesley college, hence the term ‘first year’.) there are 14 in my group, which is slightly intimidating since i was only expecting 10. but don’t worry about me, i am so adaptive. if you don’t believe me, please check out one of my prior posts where i turn an earring into a bracelet. innovation. BAM.

3. yesterday, i began a packing frenzy (FRENZY? SHARK WEEK) because it finally hit me that i am leaving to go back to school in a week. i packed 49lbs worth of crap into a bag last night. impressive? why yes it is. did i mention that the weight limit for said bag was 50lbs? ohhhh HEY. i am awesome.

3a. if anyone ever has any doubts about my self esteem, please don’t be offended when i LAUGH IN YOUR FACE. i mean, are you reading this?

4. i watched some shark week. solid programming. better yet, last night i watched a movie called ‘it’s kind of a funny story’. very enjoyable film. i would have to say that my favorite thing about it was that zach galifianakis (you can check that spelling.. it’s right) actually played a serious role. i am so used to him being downright ridiculous, and this was very refreshing. check it out.

5. i did some back to school shopping. this is boring so i will not elaborate further. ALTHOUGH an ulta store just opened at the mall so i went in there and yelled at some people about not honoring their coupons properly and then got some really discounted stuff. AWESOME.

6. i made some walnut cupcakes with maple buttercream. i think they are quite delicious. apparently my family agrees because they are almost all gone. when i say ‘they’ i mean the cupcakes, not my family members. pronoun ambiguity is bad, kids.

here are some pictures






recipe courtesy of my bff martha. hers look better than mine, but what do you think she was doing that whole time she was in jail? perfecting her cupcake skillz DUH.

also may i just add that i decided to be a crazy person and make the buttercream icing without an electric mixer? DO NOT DO THIS. i spent like 20 minutes whipping that stuff with a fork. yeesh. good thing shark week was on. and yes, i will pretend that my arms do look more toned.

WOW GUYS. i did six things! i’m so accomplished.

catch ya later. -c



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