weekend & other fun things

i took work off this past friday and spent the long weekend in DC/NYC (lovin these abbreves) with my wells frands. it was so nice to see everyone, and it was very exciting for me because it was my first time ever going to NYC. bizarre, right? i know, my childhood was so deprived. please mail your comment/complaint cards to my parents. email me for more details.

i am going to have to give leslye an a+ for taking us to two amazing places. the first was highline park. it is an elevated railroad that has been converted a park/walkway. it is really incredible to walk the entire way and has a great view. i highly recommend it (no pun intended, but hey that’s pretty good, eh?). this is the only picture i managed to take while walking because i was too absorbed in looking around, but i found this amusing:

it says ‘if you don’t like gay marriage, don’t get gay married’. fun fact – this is an ad for storage space. weird, right?


we also went to this cute belgian place for brunch on sunday called petite abeille. first of all, they have tintin posters/books everywhere. yes. also their waffles are AMAZING. seriously SO GOOD. thirdly, they gave us all temporary tattoos with their logo on it. so cute!! here’s a picture for you to fawn over:

yes, i realize that it is backwards, but is has to be. otherwise it would be backwards when you put it on yourself. duh.

also last night was my bffl rhea’s 20th birthday!! greek food + jazz music = such a classy party. all around a good day.


ps. remember that post about my favorite things that contained a picture of those amazing glitter wedges? well do not fear, little ones, i am on the hunt for the perfect DIY pair of shoes so i can glitter them myself. you remember the jello tutorial, this one will be even better (so i predict).




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