i just got a haircut and it makes me so happy!! i (meaning jess, noora and anna) had bleached the ends of my hair and then dyed them purple in april. the purple color faded pretty quickly but i ended up really liking the bleached ends. so when i told my hair guy that i wanted him to the same thing again, he was super weirded out. i don’t know why he was so confused; i thought that ombre hair was a major trend and thus, being a hair stylist, he should know about it. but anyway it turned out super well – he even said so himself – and i love it. pics for your entertainment:


you can’t see the ends in this picture so scroll down…





tadaaaaa. also do i have a dimple? i seriously never noticed that before. how strange..



i also decided to do something new with my nails this week. i decided that i wanted to paint them blue and red to show my diehard support for the usa ladies in their match against france tomorrow. then i realized that france’s colors also include blue and red. so i decided to add a little sparkle a la caitlin and emily and emily again (you gotta scroll down on this last one). they only sparkle their ring finger, since apparently it’s the cool thing to have an accent nail, but i went all out. go hard or go home, i say. well actually it’s more like go hard whilst at home painting your nails, but whatever. note that the glitter is only on half of the nail – ROCKIN.

emily advises to paint your nails normally, then add a clear topcoat and sprinkle loose glitter on top. i do not have the patience nor the glitter for that, so i used a polish that already had glitter in it. CRAFTY.

from left to right we have:

NYC’s skin tight denim creme (115A)

NYC’s big apple red creme (131A)

Sinful Colors’ frenzy (922) – thanks jane!!

NYC’s quick dry top coat


can you tell that i like using NYC? $0.94 at target, suckas. jane gave me the sparkles for my birthday and to use at the ke$ha concert that i attended shortly afterwards. LOVE.

anyway, it’s super easy. 1) paint your nails. 2) add glitter to the end-half. 3) top coat those suckers. actually i guess i should mention that you need to let each coat dry before adding the next, although it seems self explanatory to me.. and bam. done. whaddup france? everyone knows you don’t have spangly stars in your flag. here are some close ups of my artistic genius:




also, to help you make yourself even more awesome, you should listen to this:




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