favorite things

a list to rival oprah’s.

1. kate middleton’s lilac alexander mcqueen dress


also, just wondering, if her given name is catherine (with a ‘c’), why do they call her kate (with a ‘k’)? i do not understand this.

whatever, she is gorgeous and i love her. though i do wish that she’d try a new hairstyle every once in a while..




2. red velvet hot chocolate with cream cheese whipped cream


holy heart attacks. everyone who knows me well knows that i love red velvet more than any other cake type (this + open bar = you totally want an invite to my wedding). if i weren’t 90 degrees outside i would be sippin on this drank 24/7.



3. glitter wedges


practical? not in the least. i am still training myself to walk in my 4″ ralph lauren heels (that linda practically forced me to purchase at gunpoint.. kidding.. a little..) without looking like an awkward duckling. that being said, these are wedges, not stilettos, so maybe there is hope for me yet.



4.  y&s originals briefcase bag

now here is something that i actually do own and LOVE. how cute is it?! $20 on ebay (hence the crap picture). have i mentioned that i love ebay? you can find great stuff there as long as you are a patient and faithful searcher/watcher (read: check listings daily. sometimes more.)

also i might add that i have never heard of this brand name before. but it sounds classy.


5. kitchen blackboard wall

this kitchen is adorbs (except i am definitely hating on that retro oven. and the overly obvious bread box. fug.) but i mostly just love the idea of having a blackboard over the stove. but now where is their ventilation system? lord, my interior designs would be far superior to this person’s. also i am dying to own one of those kitchenaid stand mixers. someone get it for me for my next birthday. aka when i get my own apartment and actually have room/real need for it.


happy manic monday!



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