my bag is SO HEAVY

(how heavy is it?) my bag is SO HEAVY that when i put it on the passenger seat of my car for the drive home, the ‘put on your seatbelt’ alarm started beeping angrily at me. (fyi, this was supposed to read like a yo mama joke. if you didn’t pick up on that, please go back and read it again). that’s right, kids. my daily work tote bag weighs as much as a small child that is tall enough to legally sit in the front passenger seat of a vehicle. it’s a good thing it has sturdy handles..

anyway, as you all may or may not know, i am spending the summer working at the mayonnaise clinic (see what i did there?). it hasn’t been very interesting, since all i really do is stare at excel spreadsheets and various databases. however, today i got approval for my very own, self-designed study! unfortunately, since i am not a board certified physician – or physician of any type, for that matter – i don’t get to be the principal investigator 😦 oh well. here’s hoping that i get significant results!

also, i have decided that i need to get a blazer. i’m not willing to commit to a full power suit yet – as much as i envy hilary’s myriad of rainbow colored outfits – but i think that i should at least make some attempt at the business casual. in fact, it’s probably a seriously bad thing that i do not already own a blazer. whatever, i tarnish wellesley’s reputation on the reg so it’s no big deal.

i am really tired now and have nothing else to report soooo bye!



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