sunday funday

yesterday my dad had his big birthday bash (you like that alliteration, eh? eh?) which was super fun. the prep work (i.e. scrubbing the grout between every tile in the kitchen, laundry room, and bathrooms – did anyone even go in the laundry room? NO.) was not the greatest, but def worth it. AND even though my mom told everyone not to let me have any wine, i still managed to slip some champagne during the toasts. besides, how uncool is it to be toasting with water when everyone else gets champagne like a grownup? im over 18 too, ya know.

anyway, today my parents discovered that we only had cake and wine left in the fridge (which i think is an acceptable meal, but society begs to differ) and went to costco/publix like they do every day weekend. i, however, ventured to the always lovely st. john’s towncenter with lucy caboosey. we then managed to get stranded in crisper’s during le deluge, thanks a lot henry xv. during this time i had a thai chicken flatbread. OMG. SO DELICIOUS. everyone needs to have this at least once in their lifetime. but i digress.

then i came home and ate some cake (also SO delicious. i wish my food choices were this excellent on the reg…) and then finally, after having this netflix envelope for a week, watched the darjeeling limited. im still not really sure how i feel about it. well actually i feel like a straight up hipster. but i also know that since i just called myself a hipster, i cannot possibly be one. such a conundrum. i do really want to go to india now. and this movie just reinforces my affinity for tribal/ethnic prints which apparently you can find at forever21. speaking of which, isn’t that place supposed to be cheap? like $4.80 for everything? somehow that is how i remember it, but when i went there today everything i wanted to buy was like $15.80 or something. who do you think i am? bill gates? warren buffet? i don’t have that kind of money lying around. and the prices are always some dollars and 80 cents, which i find very strange. perhaps this is for tax reasons? whatever. i ended up buying a skirt for $5.50 so i was happy. and some peach colored nail polish. SPEAKING of their nail polish, they have some that’s labeled SCENTED in like lemon and passion fruit or whatever. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. i killed so many brain cells wafting that shit into my poor nosey. it is scented like regular nail polish aka GROSS. way to go, marketing.

forever21 also recently had a little hissy fit and order a cease and desist on one of the funniest blogs of all time, WTForever21. but it’s still up so go take a gander at the archives.

another thing i wanted to mention is my new favorite online store to peruse. it’s based in china, so shipping to the us takes like a month, but it’s free worldwide – no minimum order. romwe gets new inventory practically every day (click on the new arrivals tab) and most of it is reasonably priced. the only thing is that at least 95% of the items are one size (free size if you’re british) so be careful and make sure you look at the measurements of each piece. they have a sizing chart and all, so it’s not that hard. i’ve also discovered that having this large range for things that are supposedly ‘one size’ helps to cut down on the number of things that end up in my shopping cart.

okayyyy that’s it for now. back to work tomorrow. sucks.



2 thoughts on “sunday funday

  1. But your skirt was $5.50…what happened to the other 30 cents? Are you writing a blog for fun or is this part of schoolwork? I hope you and your family are well…sounds like your Dad had a wonderful 50th birthday. Please give my best regards to your family 🙂

  2. romwe eh? tq for the tip. i discovered zenni optical–same principle–i get these 12$ glasses from china (kt’s cost more bc she’s blinder). the 1st pr i got the lenses were switched bc mr tai wrote the rx down wrong, but it works if i wear the glasses upside down. yr mom and grandma are convinced i will go blind from the cheapo lenses but so far i haven’t, LOL. is HK-based, cheap for iPod accessories, stuff like that. and you do know about don’t you?

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