weekend update

what’s that you say? it’s not the weekend? well i’m done with work until monday, so you can just shut it. it’s the weekend if i say it is.

i stayed at the hospital doing data entry until 5:48pm. literally everyone from the lab had gone home except for me. and the janitor. she gave me a nice little smile that said, “why are you still here? it’s 5:45 on a friday. don’t you have a life?” well the short answer to that is yes i do. kind of. whatever i like working. wellesley has corrupted me. or made me a better employee.

anyway, the weekend update. i finished tina’s book! i’m pretty sure that i haven’t read a book that quickly since the last harry potter came out. (do you remember? oh man.) i was going to do a live blog while reading it – meaning that i would type my comments as i was reading – but i could not keep up with myself. here is my sheepish grin … 😀 …

that being said, EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THIS BOOK. i am so serious. i almost died because i was laughing so hard that i could not breathe and that means that there was no oxygen in my system. can i sue her for that? it’s a form of trauma. hmmm…

if i ever make any friends named dan, just beware that you (dan) will forever be know as either ‘dan dan the party man’ or ‘dan dan the death man’, depending on my mood. it’s just too great. also, now when i am seriously angry at people i know that instead of telling them to ‘suck my dick’, i will tell them to ‘go suck a bag of dicks’. that makes so much more anatomical and common sense.

so many things to learn from tina. happy friday!


p.s. to all you suckers who clicked on that link, i do not apologize at all.


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