my new favorite activity

ok so it’s not really an activity as much as it is me having fun while getting ready in the morning. but anyway, i left all of my eyeliner at wellesley because i am dumb (thank you linda for not leaving until after i did and storing that for me) and i am too cheap to buy more. so now i have discovered that if you use one of these liner brushes (mine is from smashbox), you can just dip it in water and then whatever eyeshadow you want to use and BAM – instant liner. yes, i just became the Emeril Lagasse of make up. you can thank me later. now you don’t have to use eyeshadow AND liner, because you have a shadow liner!! ahahaha i am just so clever.

disclaimer: yes, i realize that other people have had this idea before i did. don’t rain on my parade, rachel berry.




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