prime (adj.) – awesome.

my friends and i have been using the word prime like this long before amazon stole it from us. and no, we weren’t big steak eaters either. but there’s something so satisfying about saying, “man, this pad thai is PRIME”. probably because 1. pad thai is both prime and satisfying and 2. no one else really uses prime in that way during normal conversation. what can i say? i like to live on the edge.

i was originally just going to blab about how i’ve been recently spending waaay too much money on amazon prime (free shipping suckas!) but this is really just going to be a list of things that i think are really cool. so let us begin.

1. amazon prime for students. this is a seriously good deal. especially for me, since i like to buy things on a whim. this way i don’t get charged 800 times for shipping on the 800 different items that i should have put in one cart. it’s a dream. i may or may not have to create a fake wellesley email for a new account once this one year trial period is over…

1a. one of the things that i will be purchasing in about 2 seconds is this baby. ok, so i’ll actually be preordering it, not buying it. but mindy kaling is everything that i want to be. actually. she’s hysterical, pretty, smart, successful and AWESOME. i’d say i have like 3/5 so i’m still working on it, but this book is going to be my new favorite. i can feel it in my bones. (great song by the way, tegan and sara)

1b. as long as we’re talking about books written by my comedic idols, i should also throw out that i’m about to start reading tina’s bossypants. i am excitedpants.

2. honestly i can’t believe that i didn’t write about this earlier, but check out my good friend rhea’s band – polygons.

3. along with jezebel, this is the new blog that i have been consistently reading. it’s kind of like hercampus’ older, wiser sister. yeah the material is still pretty materialistic (HA) but some of the articles are insightful and/or really helpful. take for example, today’s top 6 alternative uses for nailpolish. ok duh, we all knew that you could stop your tights from running more, but the other 5 were pretty good.

4. did i mention that i really like blogs? well i do, and this girl’s is also fantastic. it is kind of annoying at first because 1. her first language is czech and 2. she’s a size 00 so of course everything looks fantastic on her! but her pictures are great, and she really does have a great sense of style, so i like reading her stuff.

5. i have decided that i am going to get a new duvet cover for next year so that i can alternate it with my blue one. i think that it will probably be coral. it will be my happy escape for february..

5a. I HAVE A SINGLE NEXT YEAR. and it is right across from my twinsie, noora, and adjacent to the ever-awesome parker, therefore i am once again veryexcitedpants. yes, yes i realize that i do not get to move into my lovely new abode until august 14, but believe me i have a countdown. 11 weeks yeeee

6. and finally, here is the playlist that i’ve been listening to all day. it’s prime.



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