i’m not going to deny the fact that i complain about wellesley a lot. in fact, i probably complain about complaining about wellesley too much. too much work, not enough sleep, the food is horrible, there’s nothing to do tonight, blah blah blah.

but i have honestly realized that i should really quit crying about how hard my life is at wellesley because it really isn’t. too much work? well thank goodness someone is making me aspire to be something. of course i have some vague goals for what i want to do when i’m older and what kind of person i want to be in life, but i need guidance (probably more than most…) otherwise i would sit on my butt and watch tv online all day.

speaking of which… not enough sleep? wellll let’s just say that hasn’t changed much. thanks a lot, netflix/abcfamily/NETFLIX. a lack of sleep indicates a lack of time management – at least for me. don’t worry though, i’m a-workin’ on that one.

horrible food? first of all, it could be SO much worse. yeah, we’re paying a lot of money to go to wellesley and whatever, but are we (when i say ‘we’, i really mean ‘our parents’) really paying to go here and eat the most delicious food? of course not. most elite colleges and universities aren’t known for their 5star chefs, that’s just a potential bonus – and it’s one that i can manage without. speaking of which, i have decided that i need to be more grateful that i even have a chef. seriously, i go downstairs and there is a meal laid out for me every day, three times a day. i don’t even have to do the dishes. sure, i may not always be happy with the food selection, but how can i complain about something that someone else has made for me? the people who work in our dining halls are SO nice, and wellesley really tries to make accommodations for everyone. thus, i vow to be more grateful.

and now onto the subject that probably has me the most fired up. today i went with my parents to this wine store (i should add that it also has liquor, beer, etc.) to help pick out/browse selections for my dad’s 50th birthday thing. this store happens to be quite close to UNF, which has it’s frats just like any other state school. anyway, long story short, some guys were walking by me with their keg and made some stupid, misogynistic comment. I WAS SO MAD. i almost turned around and started a fight. i guess the fact that i didn’t could vouch for my increasing self restraint (thanks mom!), but what i really noticed was the fact that i was so angry.

sometimes my reactions to things like that make me think that wellesley has conditioned me to be too sensitive. but it’s not too sensitive if i don’t make a scene. i think that it’s important for me to understand that certain things should not be tolerated – in a fraternity house or otherwise. where does it stop? are all 20-something year old men going to end up like these ones? of course not. but where does it stop? how far is too far?

should i have said something to them? maybe. but i don’t think i could have without saying something that was rude or hurtful, and they don’t deserve that back. it’s hard for me to remember that wellesley and jacksonville don’t play by the same rules. not everyone is as educated, accepting and respectful as wellesley students are.

i can truly say that i appreciate the things that i am learning at wellesley, even outside of my classes. the bottom line is: treat EVERYONE with respect. and if you can’t do that: treat everyone like your mom is watching.



One thought on “appreciation

  1. Glad you’ve come to this realization early!

    From your very recent Wellesley grad (turned blog-stalker),

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