home again

i am officially done with my sophomore year at wellesley (what.) and am now back home in the sunshine state. thank god, since bosstown’s weather was not treating me so well…

a few things i have noticed in the 36 hours that i have been here:

1. it is not nearly as hot as i thought i would be. weird.

2. my brother straight up SMASHED the front of one of our cars. i tried to take a picture, but the garage was too dark. don’t worry, i will attempt another photo soon. the front bumper on the passenger side is hilariously dented. to quote my mother, “you could fit a small camel inside that dent”. believe me, mom, if i owned a small camel, that is where i would put it.

3. food has never tasted so good. this is actually a realization that i have every time i leave wellesley. scrambled eggs are the bomb dot com. like REAL scrambled eggs. i just don’t understand how people can be vegan. i mean, i understand WHY people are vegan, but i just could not do it. dude, just look at this:

why would you not want to eat scrambled eggs? they are fluffy and delicious. yum.

4. i have missed out on a lot of tv shows. speaking of which, one of my fave shows – CRIMINAL MINDS – had an episode that took place in jacksonville WHADDUP. you should really check that out. it was great. or you could just watch it to stare at shemar moore (jane thinks his eyebrows look funny but i don’t care) and matthew gray gubler for an hour or so…

5. my dad is turning the big 5-0 in june (what.). he is silently freaking out about it. my mom and i asked him if he wanted a party… yeah. he’ll come around though. i already have the invitations designed and in my shopping cart on vistaprint, so he better be having a damn party!!!

ok so yes. i am very glad to be home. ask me about it again in 2 weeks. also, i thought that this was seriously cool. another reason to love panera.

l8r sk8rs



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