i should be studying for my final biopsych exam, but instead i am hardcore procrastinating. i have been on facebook for 800 years, taken a million sporcle quizzes, read the freaking new york times health section, and now here i am. i don’t really have anything to say. adriane suggests that i tell you about how to deceive people into thinking that you are gay. DECEPTICON STYLE.

1. wear flannel and tiedye all the time

2. get yourself a pair of birks

3. paint nailpolish on only your thumbnails. i haven’t actually done this, but i’ve heard it works..

4. two words: cargo pants

yeah that’s basically all i can come up with. besides getting a haircut, but let’s not get too crazy here. also, might i add that i’m on my second shirley temple? woooooo (this is what happens when you’re not 21 but you want to be in the pub)



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