so today i pulled a janet jackson and had my very own wardrobe malfunction. except instead of exposing my boobs to everyone, it was really just my butt/underwear. and really only 5 or so people saw. but it is a bit awkward nonetheless.

this is the skirt i was wearing (disclaimer, i am not that skinny):

now dockers is a fairly reputable brand, but i have totally had problems with their zippers before. anyway what this picture does not show you is that there is a zipper in the back of the skirt. one that pretty much extends from hip to bottom-of-butt-crack. that is what broke. that is why my butt was exposed. it was so great. and by great i mean not great at all.

of course this happened to me at lunchtime. (or at least that is when it was pointed out to me. i really hope this didn’t occur before then.) and of course i always eat lunch in bates on fridays. so in order to salvage what was left of my dignity, (spoiler alert: it didn’t actually salvage anything) i pulled my shirt way down and adjusted my backpack so that it would be blocking the view of my butt from innocent bystanders. also, since the skirt was now way too large, i had to inflate my stomach out the wazoo in an attempt to keep in on. the result? i looked like a straight up weirdo.

did i mention that my shirt is neon orange? i just really love drawing attention to myself. just another day living the good life. you wish you could be me.



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