this is my econ professor:

he is adorable and ridiculously smart and my best friend for life (bffl, if you will).

we get along very well.


this is my econ textbook:

it is significantly less adorable and friendly.

it makes me want to vomit, cry, and then pass out. in that order.

i mean just look at it. what kind of ridiculous cover is that? each letter in a different font? is that supposed to be creative? THAT’S WHAT SERIAL KILLERS/STALKERS DO WHEN THEY’RE SENDING YOU CREEPY MESSAGES.

actually that’s totally what i did in 7th grade on the front of all my binders. (no i did not send creepy messages, i know where you were going with that). i thought that i was really cool and i spent eons cutting out individual letters from magazines for my grand masterpiece that was E-N-G-L-I-S-H. that’s real artwork, my friend.

i love my econ class, don’t get me wrong. but that’s just the point. i love the class, and the professor, but not really the material. or maybe i’m just awful at exams. i had one today. it’s one of those exams where you’re not sure if you completely failed or if you did amazingly well and should make everyone else worship the ground you walk on. or maybe just a C. we’ll find out i suppose. just don’t expect me to update you if it’s bad…

i also thought that i should share my pump up jam. it’s a goodie. if you like it, check out ellie goulding. she is british, which is awesome. she performed at coachella recently, which is awesome. i did not attend coachella, which is not awesome, but i’ve come to terms with it. i’ll get another chance to do coke with vanessa hudgens, fear not.



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